Your first doctor appointment


When going to the your first doctor appointment after being diagnosed with cancer you should have your questions ready and written and have family member or a close friend with you

here is an idea of some question you might want to ask:

  • What kind of cancer do I have?

  • Where is the cancer?

  • Has it spread?

  • Can my cancer be treated?

  • Do i need to take more tests?
  • What is the chance that my cancer can be cured?

  • What other tests or procedures do I need?

  • What are my treatment options?

  • How will the treatment benefit me?

  • What can I expect during treatment?

  • What are the side effects of the treatment?

  • Can I keep take other medicine while in treatment?
  • What can I do to prevent my cancer from recurring?

  • How likely are my children or other family members to get cancer?

  • Will I have to take time away from work?

  • Will my friends and family need to take time away from work to be with me?

Question to be discussed with your medical insurance provider

  • Will my insurance pay for these treatments?

  • Will my insurance cover the cost of medications?

  • How much will my out-of-pocket costs be?

  • If insurance won’t pay for my treatment, are there assistance programs that can help?

  • Do I qualify for disability benefits?

  • How does my diagnosis affect my life insurance?


Going To tests or treatments 

  • make sure you to ask your doctor or nurse many details about your upcoming test or treatments since sometimes errors happen 
  • When going to treatment or test make sure that you know where you need to be.
  • have  your doctor or nurse phone number  handy if there are questions about the test or treatment.
  • find out if  you need to bring a doctor referral.
  • how long will the test or treatment will take.
  • Can you eat or drink before the test or treatment?
  • Do you need to do any preparation?
  • find out if you will be able to drive after the test or treatment.
  • Find out what the expect after the test or treatment,side effects etc.
  • As a rule it always good to have a family member with you.
  • If you  go for a test check when the results will be available.